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Review Stripclub Montreal Laval

AS SEEN ON TV, ''Stripclub Tour ''((First episode))
From ''Anne Marie Losique'' Pay Per View Channel.

Best Stripclub in Laval 2010
From ''Summum Magazine''

Best Stripclub in Laval 2009
From ''Summum Magazine''

Rate of the Strip Dancers
Quality of the Girls
Overall Value of Private Dances
Overall Variety of Female Talent
Overall Value for Money - Drinks
Overall Atmosphere
Overall Quality of Service
Overall Sound System / DJ
Money making potential
House fees and club staff
Quality of customers / clientele
VIP / private dance potential
Accessibility and facilities

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Andrew (03/25)
All the girls are pretty much good.It is my first strip club and enjoyed the most which keeps remembering it. I really like the Ethiopian girl...she is too hot and very good in dance.

Josh (03/19)
This was an awesome little club, nice vibe all around from the over all atmosphere to the dancers variety and attitude. Great place to have a great time on any given night without a doubt
Brad (03/17)
Was last here in february 2010, really friendly girls. Most of them are very sexy, hot and of ranging age. The girls do not harrass you for a dance which is a good thing, but on the opposite side of that, it can be difficult sometimes to get a girl to come by. The dances are excellent and you'll want to come back for me.
Nick  (02/28)
awesome club, awesome girls
Kevin stripclub reviews (03/25)
Nothing buy absolutely breathtaking young women. Natural & clean (ie: few or no tats) does seem to be the rule here, with one or two exceptions for those that prefer that. One girl in particular (you know who you are, Shalina) made the entire trip to laval worthwhile. She's a one-of-a-kind. ...The kind that might just convince me to make another special trip back to Laval, Montreal just to see her! Unbelievable dances (both on stage and in private), an absolute joy to just sit and talk to, and not pushy at all. It's a given what her job is and what she's there for, but she always makes you feel special when you're with her. A++ to her, and B++ to Little Darlings overall. I definitely enjoyed the experience!
Jimmy (02/18)
Girls are young and HOT!!!! the stripclub is great. i loved it.
best strippers (02/15)
Melina is the best strip dancers! i am coming back for a second round tonight!
Miss Janiss (02/08)
Went back over the weekend. Spent a total of about 10 hours at this club and it still rocks. Much love to Hazel and Sabrina who showed me a wicked awesome good time!.
boby (02/02)
i loved the dancers there, they were flawless, and from wut i can theres real talent and beautiful, radiant dancers all around. very persuasive and very sexy at that,definetly made my first time memorable .
Best Nude gentlemen strip bar of Laval, montreal (01/28)
This place is the locals' favorite nude bar. The locals know better than to go anywhere else..This place is the BOMB!
Daniel (01/23)
i have been a long time customer and right now the club is great!!the girls are super friendly the atmosphere is relaxed, i will be frequenting this club in the future!!!

Travelman (01/14)
If you like girls to come up to your table and socialize, this is the club for you.the club was a great experience ... Favorite club in the city. Really cute girls, not much silicone. Mostly, girls w/ great attitudes and lots of fun.




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